Construction of the Seminary And Training Centre In South Sudan

By January 2024, we will begin the construction of the seminary and training centre for the clergy and church leaders in Juba, South Sudan. 

The Centre will have four classrooms each having the capacity to accommodate 25-30 students, a computer laboratory of the same size and capacity with a classroom, a library of the same size and capacity with a classroom, an office, a set of washrooms for gents and ladies, a cafeteria, and a parking lot within the Centre (school). See the plan of the building and relevant pictures attached.

The total cost estimate for the construction of the Centre is 100,000 Canadian dollars. The plan is to complete the construction of the Centre by December 2025.

Our fundraising campaign goals include the current updates to the donors and members about the project. We estimate that if 1000 donors and members make a commitment to donate $100 each towards this significant project, we will raise $100,000 to complete the project with its launch. 

We trust in the commitment of our donors and members to achieve this dream.

Join our team!