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The Southdove Training Services Inc. was incorporated in Saskatchewan under The Non-profit Corporation Act, 1995 on October 5, 2022, amended its incorporation articles in Saskatchewan under The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 2022 on March 23, 2023 and continued federally in Canada on May 16, 2023 under section 211 of Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

The Southdove Training Services is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA Registration Number: 792354219RR0001) and, therefore, has the authority to issue tax receipts and receive tax exemption for the charitable activities we carry out within and outside Canada.

The name ‘Southdove’ captures the vision of the training and educational services we provide to the South Sudanese clergy, lay church and community leaders, and the youth. ‘South’ denotes the directional pride for South Sudan, our country from where most clergy and other church and youth leaders are drawn for training and empowerment. ‘Dove’ denotes the peaceful and swift impact of the education, mentorship and leadership training services we provided to the clientele we serve with love and commitment.


The Southdove Training Services exists to mobilize community resources for the enhancement of education, training and empowerment of the South Sudanese youth and church leaders and develop the ethical and competent leaders who are the drivers of progress in the community.


The Southdove Training Services strives to develop the future generations of ethical leaders through the provision of educational, mentorship, community engagement, empowerment and leadership training services and enabling the beneficiaries to acquire social and practical skills, knowledge and expertise and foster ethical and accountable leadership for the transformation of the Christian education and development of the church and community in South Sudan.

Philosophy and Approach

Our teaching philosophy utilizes Kon Kooc, a non-violent teaching approach and conflict resolution methodology devised from the Jieeng (Dinka) phrase that loosely means, “stop, wait, and observe the situation before you react or act.”

We believe that changing the thought process through education and training is more durable and rewarding than conditioning individual person’s behaviour through punitive measures.

Ministry Learning Focus


We enhance the educational, leadership and theological training through the preparation, development and teaching of the South Sudanese clergy, and lay church and community leaders, laying the foundation for individual spiritual transformation and empowerment, and institutional accountability through accountable mentorship and theological formation. Training will prioritize the acquisition of practical, pastoral and theological knowledge through development of a customized school curriculum, as well as the principles of ethical management of resources and human development.


We provide access to equitable opportunities for quality education, servant leadership and theological training, leading to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable the South Sudanese church and community leaders to become competitive for employment within and outside the church. Empowerment will prioritize the alleviation of the inequalities to access to education and leadership privileges by addressing the adverse effects of war, poverty, illiteracy, and diseases in the local community through organization’s participative community development.


We facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the Bishop Nathaniel Garang Seminary and Training Centre and theological colleges in Canada, whereby the students from Canadian Anglican theological colleges and dioceses may visit South Sudan to live and share the practical experience with the students at the Seminary and other believers from different cultural backgrounds. For example, the South Sudanese students may visit Canada or attend theological classes through the help of technology to acquire knowledge from the Canadian theological colleges. Our partnership with the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Saskatoon) and the Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle (Regina) is an important aspect for experience in ministry.


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