Our Programs

Our Establishment for charitable purpose

The Southdove has been established exclusively for the charitable purpose to enhance education for the South Sudanese youth, clergy, and church and community leaders in Canada and South Sudan by:

  1. Constructing, operating and maintaining the seminary and training centre in Juba, South Sudan, with the charitable purposes to alleviate illiteracy among South Sudanese clergy and community leaders, enhance leadership skills to develop ethical and accountable leaders, and strengthen research and evidence to understand the disparities and challenges faced by the South Sudanese youth, church and community leaders, and families;
  2. Teaching the South Sudanese youth and children the native language to help the youth and children learn the native language, develop awareness of the South Sudanese culture and identity, and enhance communication between the children and youth and parents to help the children and youth explain the challenges facing the students in the school; and
  3. Facilitating the mentorship, leadership, engagement, and empowerment projects for the South Sudanese youth in order to increase the graduation rates, reduce the dropout and incarceration rates, and motivate the youth and students who have graduated from high schools and colleges to continue with tertiary education in the university and encourage the students from lower classes to put more efforts in high school and college studies.

Educational activities through the seminary and training centre in South Sudan

The Southdove Training Services will devote the resources to three focal areas to provide social and practical skills for the students who will attend the Seminary and Training Centre, and foster ethical and accountable leadership and ministry for the South Sudanese church and community leaders:

  • Training: to enhance the educational, leadership and theological training through the preparation, development and teaching of the South Sudanese clergy, and lay church and community leaders, laying the foundation for individual spiritual transformation and empowerment, and institutional accountability through accountable mentorship and theological formation. Training will prioritize the acquisition of practical, pastoral and theological knowledge through development of a customized school curriculum, as well as the principles of ethical management of resources and human development.
  • Empowerment: to provide access to equitable opportunities for quality education, servant leadership and theological training, leading to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable the South Sudanese church and community leaders to become competitive for employment within and outside the church. Empowerment will prioritize the alleviation of the inequalities to access to education and leadership privileges by addressing the adverse effects of war, poverty, illiteracy, and diseases in the local community through organization’s participative community development.
  • Experience: to enhance the exchange of knowledge between the Bishop Nathaniel Garang Seminary and Training Centre and theological colleges in Canada, whereby the students from Canadian Anglican theological colleges and dioceses may visit South Sudan to live and share the practical experience with the students at the Seminary and other believers from different cultural backgrounds. For example, the South Sudanese students may visit Canada or attend theological classes through the help of technology to acquire knowledge from the Canadian theological colleges. Our partnership with the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Saskatoon) and the Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle (Regina) is an important aspect for experience in ministry.

Educational activities for youth and children’s programs in Canada

The Southdove Training Services Inc. will dedicate the resources to three focal areas to enhance education and provide social and practical skills, teach native language to the youth, and support the integration of South Sudanese newcomer and immigrant youth in the Canadian society:

  • Graduation events: to celebrate the achievements for the youth, motivate the students to achieve future dreams, and promote youth positive engagement in community. The events will engage the youth in their community and encourage the students from lower classes in high schools and colleges to put more efforts in their studies knowing that their community is supporting them in their pursuit of future dreams.
  • Teaching native South Sudanese language: to celebrate the diverse cultures, identity and indigenous knowledge for the South Sudanese youth in Regina and Calgary.
  • Summer camps: to provide a fun environment for interactions and celebration of the culture and identity in accordance with the South Sudanese culture and norms.